Nancy Pelosi FORCED To Answer For Encouraging Mass Gatherings During Coronavirus Outbreak!

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Chris Wallace forced Nancy Pelosi to face and answer for the video of her calling people to go out to Chinatown early on during the coronavirus outbreak, and of course, her answer is all about racism:

Here’s the video he’s talking about:

Pelosi just rambles on about racism or something, but at least he made her try to defend her actions, especially when she is accusing Trump for not doing enough early on. The video shows exactly the problem with that criticism – we just didn’t know how problematic the virus was at that time, and couldn’t predict how bad it would get.

And this is also why I think it’s foolish to nail Chris Wallace as being some kind of liberal when he demands tough answers from Republicans. This is his job. He forces all politicians to answer tough questions. We should be glad when an honest journalist does his job well.

UPDATE: Fox News published the entire interview:


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