Ted Cruz: Keeping The Country Shutdown Longer Will Be FAR WORSE Than Threat Of Coronavirus

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In an interview Tuesday, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz declared that “it is time for Texans to get back to work” and warned that if we let the widespread shutdowns drag on, we will see not only more “economic devastation” but major public health consequences.

Speaking with Lubbock’s KCBD NewsChannel 11 on Tuesday, Cruz said that while we need to continue to protect those who are “very vulnerable, like the elderly and those with serious underlying conditions, we must urgently address the “economic devastation” caused by the mass shutdowns, and the only way to truly do so is to get people back to work.

“We’ve got to deal with the economic devastation of all of the people who are hurting, and I’ll tell you it is it is time for Texans to go back to work,” Cruz told NewsChannel 11′s Kase Wilbanks (partial transcript via KCBD). “I’m very glad that both the President and the governor are laying out a specific time frame, a specific plan to get Texans back to work.”

“Listen, obviously, those who are very vulnerable, those who are elderly, those who have serious health conditions, you should stay home if they if that describes you, you should stay home because this disease has been particularly devastating for the elderly and those with serious health conditions,” said Cruz. “But for people who are young and healthy and able to work, we need to get people back to work sooner rather than later. Because the consequences of this economic shutdown are serious and dire millions of small businesses, restaurants and bars and bowling alleys and movie theaters and oilfield services companies all facing potentially going out of business.” – READ MORE

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