Don’t Worry China, Jim Acosta and CNN Have Your Back!

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Just when you thought the bar for Journalism has been set as low as possible our corrupt mainstream media manages to slither right under it.

Recent developments in the White House Press briefings have resulted in tears, moans, gloom and down right bitching on the part of the media to an extent not seen since their savior Hillary managed to lose an election that the same media geniuses were telling America she could not lose.

The reason for the morose attitude of the intrepid firefighters who make up the White House Press Corp was two fold, first and foremost it was a burning anger at this President for daring to have a video montage shown that featured the same Mainstream Media darlings who have been blaming the President for inaction on implementing solutions to the virus speaking dismissively of the same virus that they want to pin on the President – really.

The second reason (supposedly) for the heretofore unseen levels of journalistic wrath was that President Trump dared to point a finger at WHO (not “Who” as in “who the hell is that?”, but rather the World Health Organization) and *gasp* once again Trump performed the unheard of act of speaking the truth, exposing WHO’s pro-China stance and de-funding the organization.

This angered the media because the President didn’t fall on his sword (figuratively and literally) and assume 100% of the blame for the spread of the virus and the ensuing deaths that have occurred since it’s inception.

To hear the media pundits talk (and who can help it) it’s as if they honestly believe that Donald J. Trump cooked up the virus in his secret laboratory located in catacombs deep beneath the White House!

One of the many organizations that have attempted to blame the virus on President Trump should come as no surprise to anyone – the organization in question is “The New York Times” who published an article entitled “Criticized for Pandemic Response, Trump Tries Shifting Blame to the W.H.O.” Journalists for the Times Michael D. Shear an Donald G. McNeil Jr. and Donald G. McNeil Jr. spin Trump’s finger pointing at WHO by saying that:

The president said he would halt funding for the organization because it caused “so much death” in the way it “pushed Chinese misinformation,” though he himself effusively praised China’s handling of the virus.

Hmmmmm why would Trump praise something one day and then criticize it????? Could it be that he has received *gasp* updated information?! Why is it okay for the media to say one thing such as “the flu is worse than the Coronavirus” and then change their narrative? Why is that okay for Nancy “Come to Chinatown for a good time” Pelosi to change her tune? Trump took China and WHO (almost the same thing) at their word based upon the information available at the time.

Speaking of the information that Trump was acting on it bears reminding everyone that friends of the media such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff all members of “The Gang of Eight” also receive the same intelligence as the President concerning the overt dishonesty of the People’s Republic of China. But information on this subject was in short supply. In fact, one of the major factors of the White House’s initial positive response to the efforts of China to combat the Coronavirus was the World Health Organization’s praise for China’s actions in (supposedly) combating the virus.

Even “The Washington Post” which is far from a friend of the current administration have been baffled by WHO’s on going praise for, and defense of China.

An article by Emily Rauhala (a staff writer for the post who cover’s foreign affairs) expressed bewilderment about WHO’s relationship with China. Rauhala writes

As a mysterious virus spread through Wuhan last month, the World Health Organization had a message: China has got this.

And as the coronavirus swept across the Chinese heartland and jumped to other nations, the WHO’s director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, applauded the “transparency” of the Chinese response.

Even as evidence mounted that Chinese officials had silenced whistleblowers and undercounted cases, Tedros took a moment to extol the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Now — more than a month into an escalating global health crisis — there are questions about whether the WHO’s praise in the early weeks created a false sense of security that potentially spurred the virus’s spread.

Apparently a large percentage of our media choose to side with China because the President hurt their feelings.

One of the first (or Worst) to jump upon the pro-China bandwagon was CNN, who quickly came to the defense of China (and the WHO).

An article appearing in the “Tennessee Star” referenced an article that was prepared by the “Media Research Center” the Star stated that

The MRC also reported that while the communist Chinese government was busy cranking out deceitful propaganda claiming the coronavirus had originated in the United States, CNN’s Chris Cuomo spent part of his Wednesday night show scolding President Trump for calling it the “Chinese Virus.” He even suggested that top health officials don’t call it that “because it could have come from anywhere.”

“Calling it the Chinese Virus or the Wuhan Virus or the Kung Flu. Listen, you may think it’s clever but it’s hurting,” Cuomo proclaimed. “The idea, ‘well it did come from China.’ Then why doesn’t Fauci and other top health officials, why don’t they call it that? You know why? Because it could have come from anywhere.”

It gets worse, The Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams reported incredulously that CNN went so far as to publish a report

……copying almost word-for-word a Chinese Communist Party press release praising the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s efforts to contain the coronavirus and degrading the U.S. Navy’s failures to do likewise.

Adams went on

Almost as bad as CNN’s promotion of Chinese propaganda is the network’s defense of its decision to run state-sponsored agitprop.

The story was a “single update from our international site’s 24-7 Live Story,” a CNN spokesman told the Daily Caller. He added, “[The story] explicitly states the sourcing as a PLA story and identifies the Global Times as ‘a state-run tabloid.’ That transparency is key as a global news source serving a global audience.”

His explanation, however, contrasts sharply with the fact that CNN has made significant edits to its report following online criticism — almost as if someone realized just how bad it looks for a supposedly serious and free news organization to repeat Chinese Communist propaganda nearly verbatim.

Choosing to side with the Red Chinese versus your own country strikes a new low for the media as a whole and CNN specifically. Adams’ article condemned CNN’s actions and admonished the country to understand

Just so we are all on the same page: CNN reported this week that, according to Chinese officials, the Chinese military has done a better job than the U.S. Navy of controlling the viral pandemic that the Chinese government tried to cover up.

Everything about the People’s Liberation Army “report” cited by CNN screams that it is government propaganda, yet it ended up on CNN’s website anyway.

“” was more specific in their criticism of CNN, naming Jim Acosta as the chief defender of WHO and China as Acosta apparently angered by the tenacity of the President to criticize a media that desperately needed criticism, made a valiant effort to return the focus to the President, evidence be damned

Acosta who has never been a fan of the President (but remember brave media firefighters don’t take sides) remarked that

“[Trump] is sounding very Baghdad Bob-like in the way he’s assigning blame to everybody but himself. He is not taking responsibility for this. One of the things he just said a few moments ago about the World Health Organization, I’ll just read you the quote. He says, ‘It would have been so easy to be truthful.’ That was an exact quote from the president and yet this is a president who time and again throughout this crisis has been playing fast and loose about the facts, lying about things, for example saying the Obama Administration left the cupboards bare,” Acosta said

Of course Jim Acosta never let facts get in the way of a good anti-President rant, or 20 seconds of research would have shown him that even the very left leaning “USA Today” rated reports that the Obama administration had used up the majority of America’s National Stockpile – and never replenished it as “TRUE” – so whose lying again Jimmie?

As these and many other articles make abundantly clear America may not have a friend in China, but apparently China has a friend in our media.

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