President Trump SHREDS Democrats For Killing America’s Small Businesses By Playing Politics

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I’ve been waiting for Trump to use his bully pulpit to increase pressure on Democrats for blocking new funding to the small business paycheck protection program and he’s doing it now:

Democrats are blocking additional funding for the popular Paycheck Protection Program. They are killing American small businesses. Stop playing politics Dems! Support Refilling PPP NOW – it is out of funds!

I’m glad he tweeted this and I’m sure we’ll hear more about it during today’s task force briefing.

Earlier today Trump ripped into “Crazy Nancy Pelosi” directly:

Crazy “Nancy Pelosi, you are a weak person. You are a poor leader. You are the reason America hates career politicians, like yourself.” @seanhannity She is totally incompetent & controlled by the Radical Left, a weak and pathetic puppet. Come back to Washington and do your job!

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