The Media’s OBSESSION With Bashing Trump Is Destroying America During This Crisis, And That’s EXACTLY What They WANT

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If someone were to concoct a drinking game in which the participants were required to down a significant amount (say a shot) of alcohol every time some talking head on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, PBS, ESPN or some other branch of the DNC capped off a news story with an attack on the President then no doubt alcohol poisoning would quickly out pace all other forms of death in America

This was brought home by a recent story appearing on “” in an article entitled “Corona Crazy: The 12 Most Insulting attacks on Trump of the Week” authored by Media Research Center’s Deputy Research Director Geoffrey Dickens. The article delved into the range of stories from asinine to down right idiotic that have been pursued as of late by our illustrious Main Street Media in their all consuming efforts to bash Trump, and please keep in mind this story just covered the articles compiled during a RANDOM WEEK!

One such story revisited an episode of “Meet The Press” in which host Chuck Todd conducted some rather bizarre questioning of a guest. The article also touched upon crazed remarks by “New Yorker” editor David Remnick. According to the Newsbuster’s article:

Liberal journalists like NBC Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd have questioned if “there is blood on the President’s hands?” New Yorker editor David Remnick charged Trump’s “narcissism” and “lack of empathy” has “led to disaster….paid in human lives.”

The craziness (unfortunately) doesn’t end there, apparently the DNC and it’s twisted disciples (aka the media) passed out a talking points memo stating that Trump was vulnerable to attack because people have died from COVID19. Just how that can be blamed on Trump when NOT NOBODY, NOT NO HOW blamed Obama for deaths that occurred due to the Swine Flu under his (Obama’s) watch is apparently a mute point (mute as in the media remains mute when you bring the subject up)

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But that didn’t stop the media (being the good little lap dogs they are) from circling the President like starving sharks in some bizarre feeding frenzy. It was readily apparent to anyone paying attention that the media all echoed the same “blood, death, people, COVID19” mantra as Todd and Remnick only with slight variations amongst the various “news” outlets

Just in case the horrific image of the President with “Blood on his hands” wasn’t enough, the media decided to go after Trump’s remarks concerning the promising results displayed by certain drugs in the treatment of COVID19 patients. Yes everyone it would appear that the President, not satisfied with the number of deaths he has inflicted on America with the COVID19 virus has also concocted a horrible scheme to poison people through the use of dangerous drugs!! Of course this is in spite of the fact that the President never told anyone to take the drug in question (hydroxychloroquine) and the fact that this innocuous (and relatively inexpensive) drug has been utilized (safely) for years in the treatment of malaria and other ailments.

Hope appears to be a dirty word to both Liberal politicians and the media, so why oh why would the President do such a horrible thing as offer it to the American people? The liberal pundits in the media attempt to quash hope whenever and wherever possible, knowing this, what could possibly be behind Trump’s suggestion that these drugs might work? One media pundit thinks she knows.

If you have never heard of “Morning Joe” or it’s co-host Mika Brzezinski don’t feel bad, most people haven’t. The show is basically a crap fest (which is putting it nicely) that features former Republican and current buffoon Joe Scarborough and the aforementioned Brzezinski. Mika who has never been accused of being overly intelligent opined that President Trump was touting the use of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine because he (Trump) had some type of financial tie to the drug and would profit significantly should the drug receive widespread acceptance and use.

No way! Trump was going to make a fortune hawking this drug? That Bastard! Good catch Mika!! Except, well except for those irksome, pesky little things called “facts”

Trump does in fact have financial ties to the company that makes hydroxychloroquine as reported by “Business Insider” in an article entitled “Trump has a distant financial link to a pharma giant that makes the drug he’s been pushing to fight COVID-19 — but it’s probably worth less than $1,000” which is a headline that basically gives away the entire story. Yes America, Donald Trump owns stock that may be worth at LEAST $1,000.00!! The article in Business Insider reported that:

Business Insider followed the paper trail and concluded that the holding has a maximum value of around $1,300, only slightly larger than similar holdings by Trump funds in Google parent Alphabet, FedEx, and the French bank BNP Paribas.

Even smarmy Trump hating HuffPo had to admit Trump’s investment was miniscule stating that

The financial news site MarketWatch and The Washington Post later estimated Trump’s stake to be worth between about $100 and $1,500

What’s really weird is the fact that the media (which has show absolutely no enthusiasm about the idea of investigating the (many) financial wrongdoings of say…the Biden family) performed as if they were actual investigative journalists for a mad moment as they dived into potential Trump misdeeds like a racoon diving into a dumpster after the famed half a cheese steak.

As it turns out, that story was just another nothing burger served up by a scandal starved media, a media which is DESPERATE to take Trump down, and a media that you can very well expect to bash on Trump as hard and as often as they can between now and November, because….journalism

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