Democrats Who Are Blocking Critical Aid For Small Businesses Want To Send BILLIONS To Iran Instead

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Ted Cruz just pimp-slapped Dianne Feinstein over her demand that the U.S. government back the IMF handing out billions of dollars to the mullahs in Iran over the coronavirus epidemic.

So look, I think this really is a tough issue. Without any help, the pandemic will get worse in Iran, hurting innocent people apart from the villainous Islamists who control the government, and that in turn threatens all of us because of how this thing spreads.

BUT… we don’t even know if Iran would be responsible enough to use that money to ACTUALLY help the situation in Iran. For that reason, Ted Cruz is right to show Feinstein the back of his hand. The case is made even stronger when the Democrats are shutting down money that could be going to saving small businesses in America. Even though, to be fair, one is money from the IMF, and the other is our money. Still.

For those reasons, we give Ted Cruz ten delicious carne asada tacos out of ten, and we give Dianne Feinstein one nasty disgusting bowl of Wuhan bat soup.*

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