Democrats Can’t Even Figure Out How To Wear Face Masks, Yet They Want Us To Put THEM Is Charge?

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Yes, folks, these are the people who think they would do “better” at dealing with this crisis than our President.

As the U.S. coronavirus outbreak grows in scale and severity, Democratic lawmakers are following medical experts’ recommendations to wear face masks to combat the spread of the virus. They are experiencing varying levels of success.

Some of the most prominent congressional Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, are having trouble properly donning the protective medical equipment.

Schumer was widely ridiculed for his attempt:

As was fellow Democrat, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee:

Rep. Al Green, a Texas Democrat, experienced similar difficulties:

Meanwhile, Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam came under fire for slightly different reasons:

Some intrepid Twitter users offered up Photoshopped images intended to guide Democratic lawmakers down the path toward proper face mask usage:

Now that’s much better!

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