WATCH: Gov. Cuomo Chokes On Words Admitting Trump Was Right About Chloroquine

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Governor Cuomo affirms what we’ve been hearing from Trump about hydroxychloroquine, that it is indeed yielding positive results in NY hospitals just as predicted.

Anecdotally speaking, of course:

Cuomo explains quite well why doctors are refusing to give official formal declarations about hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness, and simply put the data set is too small because they’ve only had results from about two weeks of cases. Cuomo explains that doctors would like a significantly larger dataset which would span a much longer period of time before making formal statements about the drug, and they will have that at some point.

That said Cuomo makes clear that the drug, when paired with Azithromycin, is yielding positive results and that’s why they are going forward with it:

There has been anecdotal evidence that it is promising. That’s why we’re going ahead. Doctors, of course, have to prescribe it…but anecdotally it’s been positive.

Cuomo said that thus far they’ve had a 14-day restriction on how much hydroxychloroquine can be prescribed at one time, but they will be able to lift that restriction once the federal government sends them more from their 29 million dose stockpile.

Watch the video for more…


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