The Great COVER-UP: China Fails To Hide Mass Cremations, Giant Order Of Urns To Wuhan

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Count us among those not surprised. Even though the media loved to report that China has its coronavirus pandemic under control, there’s mounting evidence that the laying communist totalitarian regime is surprise surprise LYING about their dead. From Radio Free Asia:

As authorities lifted a two-month coronavirus lockdown in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, residents said they were growing increasingly skeptical that the figure of some 2,500 deaths in the city to date was accurate.

Since the start of the week, seven large funeral homes in Wuhan have been handing out the cremated remains of around 500 people to their families every day, suggesting that far more people died than ever made the official statistics.

“It can’t be right … because the incinerators have been working round the clock, so how can so few people have died?” an Wuhan resident surnamed Zhang told RFA on Friday.

“They started distributing ashes and starting interment ceremonies on Monday,” he said.

Now this is a double-sided sword, right? If they have it under control, then that means it’s not as bad as we thought, and perhaps we can get it under control in the West too. On the other hand, if they’re really lying, and the numbers of infected and dead are way worse than they’re letting on, that isn’t great news for the rest of the world. More:

Seven funeral homes currently serve Wuhan — a huge conurbation of three cities: Hankou, Wuchang and Hanyang.

Social media users have been doing some basic math to figure out their daily capacity, while the news website reported that 5,000 urns had been delivered by a supplier to the Hankou Funeral Home in one day alone — double the official number of deaths.

Some social media posts have estimated that all seven funeral homes in Wuhan are handing out 3,500 urns every day in total.

Funeral homes have informed families that they will try to complete cremations before the traditional grave-tending festival of Qing Ming on April 5, which would indicate a 12-day process beginning on March 23.

Such an estimate would mean that 42,000 urns would be given out during that time.

I have seen a video going around that is supposed to show workers shoveling cellphones from those incinerated in Wuhan. That appears to be faked – the video existed from before the virus struck.

Here’s an estimate of the actual numbers, if China is lying:

Another popular estimate is based on the cremation capacity of the funeral homes, which run a total of 84 furnaces with a capacity over 24 hours of 1,560 urns city-wide, assuming that one cremation takes one hour.

This calculation results in an estimated 46,800 deaths.

A resident of Hubei province, of which Wuhan is the capital, said most people there now believe that more than 40,000 people died in the city before and during the lockdown.

Of course, that’s just a guess. But given that we don’t even know precisely how many China MURDERED during the Tiananmen Square massacre, I’m not gonna hold my breath for accurate numbers here either….


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