Trump Is SURGING In Popularity And The Media Is Left Wondering Why

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 President Trump is gaining popularity and approval among the US population and it seems to puzzle some folks. In a new Gallup Poll released on Tuesday, the President’s approval rating is now at 49%. This marks a 5% increase since the previous poll, tying the highest score Trump has ever polled in the Gallup report. This is not the only poll showing such a move. The most recent Monmouth Poll also shows Trump having an increase in approval to 46%, up 2 points from February.

In their article, CNN talks about how the handling of the coronavirus crisis has pushed Trump’s approval up among Democrats and Independents. It is true that he is receiving high remarks for how he has handled the crisis. Overall, 60% approve of how he has handled the crisis in the Gallup poll. But the comments on the CNN article would never be all positive.

CNN quickly turns the table to say that obviously people are not holding him responsible or are not listening. Actually, I think that Americans are watching and listening. Americans understand by this point that Trump is not perfect, but they are learning he is not afraid to act. This seems quite puzzling for some.

Other outlets have called the poll data “stunning.” But is it really? Again, Americans know he is not perfect. They want to see action. Action is what President Trump delivers best. While Democrat after Democrat has attempted to turn the tables to put the blame on Trump, he continues to succeed. Just as in the two articles above, they want to make this about Trump failure, but it’s just not there.

He has been criticized about the lack of test kits, but miraculously the private market has answered and new testing solutions are coming out almost daily. They criticized his lack of shutting down the country, yet he gave his support from the federal government in letting states manage this as they see fit. He’s not acting like a dictator, he’s acting like the supportive leader that is needed right now.

Each time President Trump has been criticized by the left and their media arm, he has responded. Americans see the action. It is a great example of what is not being done on the left side of the aisle. From delay tactics to refusing to vote, Democrats are more interested in themselves than Americans. They are more concerned about their pet projects than getting relief to Americans that is needed.

Trump is stepping out and giving a message of hope to Americans amid criticism. He’s been criticized for statements about the potential of opening of the economy in a couple weeks. He’s been criticized about the mentioning of potential medications to be used in the fight. The issues is that Americans want hope in this time of chaos. Rather than giving resistance and bureaucracy, Trump is providing options. Americans like that.

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