WATCH: NYPD Anti-Terror Team Protects Empty Construction Site Near CNN, Raises Major Concerns

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A small SWAT squad of NYPD officers were protecting a vacant construction site on Tuesday, one block away from CNN headquarters in New York City and close to the Jacob Javits Convention Center, while NYPD presence in the rest of the city has been scarce, according to several sources.

Jason Goodman of CrowdSource the Truth captured a short confrontation with officers of the NYPD’s Strategic Response Group who were staked out in front of a commerical property that is under construction. Police said they were at the site as a “deterence” and for “counter-terrorism” reasons.

“But there’s no one in the building,” Goodman told True Pundit. “And you can’t find a cop in the rest of the city.”

What is going on here? This story is developing.

Via TruePundit

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