NY Doctor Confirms Trump Was RIGHT About Virus Treatment, Despite The MSM Disinformation Against Him

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The mainstream media has been on a smear campaign against President Trump after he announced that an anti-Malarial drug, Hydroxychloroquine, showed promise in fighting coronavirus. They blamed Trump for doctors hoarding the drug and a man who killed himself after overdosing on cleaner.

Now, a New York doctor named Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is thanking President Trump for approving Hydroxychloroquine for use against the coronavirus and is touting fantastic results among 350 patients treated:

Here’s a summary of Zelenko’s results:

Out of 350 patients Zelenko has had zero hospitalizations, intubations and most importantly zero deaths. That sounds like amazing success.

Zelenko published these results in a letter to Israel’s ministry of health, noting all of his treatments were done in an outpatient setting:

Hannity had on two other doctors last night, one being a brain surgeon, and they both were quite optimistic about Zelenko’s results:

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