BREAKING: Romney Joins Ranks With Bernie/AOC, Demands America Make Socialist Style Handouts

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In response to the coronavirus and the effect it will have on our economy, Romney put out a proposal this morning that included sending $1,000 to each American adult:

Ok let’s do the math on this. In the US we have 209 million adults over the age of 18, or 196 million over the age of 21.

gets out calculator

If we gave 209 million adults each $1,000 that would equal 209 billion dollars. Or 196 billion dollars, depending on which population they would choose.

While 200 billion doesn’t sound like a lot of money by today’s standards, it really is a huge amount of money, especially when we are back to running trillion dollar deficits each year.

Not a very conservative solution from a ‘severe conservative’. And I bet Democrats will RUN to vote for this if McConnell allows it to get to the floor.


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