BREAKING: Trump Weighs Full Pardon For General Michael Flynn

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Trump just tweeted that he’s considering a full pardon of General Michael Flynn, who was targeted by the FBI and caught up in the Mueller investigation in 2017:

Trump mentions that it is now being reported that the FBI has lost Flynn’s records, however I’m not seeing any new articles reporting that.

What he may be referring to is records that were reported missing late last fall, records that Flynn’s attorneys demanded in light of the revelation that they were edited to make Flynn look guilty when he wasn’t:

Separately, Powell asserted that the 302 was altered to indicate that Flynn had answered “no” when asked if the Russian ambassador “described any Russian response to a request by Flynn.” But, Strzok’s contemporaneous notes do not mention a “Russian response” at all, Powell observed.

Adding insult to injury, Powell alleged, the handwritten “notes bear no signature and date as required by the FBI, casting doubt on their authenticity.”

Maybe there was a search for these records and they have been officially declared lost and unrecoverable? I don’t know. But the big news here isn’t the lost records as much as it is Trump considering a full pardon of Flynn.

Remember, AG Barr just ordered a re-examination of Flynn’s case last month. Considering the public back and forth Barr and Trump have had over his tweets regarding ongoing cases at the DOJ, Barr may not be very happy with this tweet. If Trump pardons Flynn, it would most certainly make the re-examination of Flynn’s case moot.


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