‘Boozed’ Pelosi Seems To Enjoy Americans Suffering, James Woods TEARS HER APART!

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James Woods took House Speaker Nancy Pelosi apart for a segment in an otherwise serious coronavirus speech where the Democratic lawmaker broke down and giggled after stumbling over her words.

“Now let me just get back to testing, testing, testing,” Pelosi said in the Thursday speech.

“So very important to take inventory to understand the — uh — the epilogical [sic] — the spread of the virus,” she continued, before giggling.

Pelosi’s stumbling speech didn’t go unnoticed, and Twitter users quickly piled on to point out that the lawmaker slamming President Donald Trump for his coronavirus response couldn’t seem to even finish her own sentence.

“I love these ridiculous clowns who contend they can do better than President Trump,” Woods wrote on Twitter.

“This booze-and-Botox besotted old bag can’t manage her dentures, much less a pandemic. Between her and Biden, they can barely manage to put a coherent sentence together.”

Other users pointed out Pelosi’s use of nonexistent words and garbled, slurred speech, a look that is anything but professional as lawmakers attempt to battle an explosion of deadly COVID-19 cases.

While Pelosi and the Trump administration now appear to be close to agreeing on a bill to address the effects of coronavirus in the United States, this hasn’t stopped the House speaker from targeting Republicans.

Part of the problem is Democrats attempting to sneak partisan provisions, like a measure reportedly proposed by Pelosi to sidestep the Hyde amendment and funnel money to abortion providers.

As the novel coronavirus now threatens to spread to all corners of the nation, Democrats appear to be focused solely on their own agenda.

While countries like Ireland are taking proactive measures to stem the tide of the contagious pathogen, Pelosi and other Democrats are keeping our nation deadlocked as they attempt to exploit the crisis.

Perhaps more worrying than Democrats’ attempt to play moneyball with a deadly virus is Pelosi’s frequently incoherent speech.

This is not the first time the lawmaker has stumbled and slurred her way through a speech, something that conservatives have taken note of.

If this is what Trump has to fight against to build an effective response to the novel coronavirus, there’s no telling when he’ll be able to finally start fighting this disease with the full might of the United States government behind him.

Via WesternJournal

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