Liberal Doctor Gets Humiliated After Attempting To Claim ‘Wuhan Virus’ Is a Racist Term

The latest talking point from the Left and the media (same difference, we know) around the Wuhan Virus is that calling it the Wuhan Virus is somehow racist. Don’t make that face, we know it’s stupid but honestly, are you really all the surprised that this is the direction they’re going considering how ridiculous their behavior has been so far?

When the Swine Flu hit it was a blip even though the deaths were far higher.

Gosh, what was different then? Hrm.

Anywho, one of the funniest self-owns we’ve seen in regard to the whole ‘Wuhan Virus is racist’ nonsense comes from Dr. Eugene Gu who we THINK is still a doctor? Maybe not? Welp, either way, he made a name for himself when he threw an epic fit because Trump blocked him; there was some weird story about a date he went on but we won’t bore you with the creepy details.

Check out this shot and chaser:

Tweets are FOREVER, ‘Doc’.

And wow.

Guess that makes Eugene both ignorant and racist, right?


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