Liberal Media Tell Their Sheep Coronavirus Is Trump’s Last Ditch Effort To Win 2020

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MSNBC prime time host Chris Hayes in a Saturday night Twitter rant accused President Trump of being willing to let Americans get killed by the novel coronavirus in order to win reelection. Hayes accused Trump of “malevolence” and “sociopathic governance”.

Hayes was responding to the news that Italy is locking down much of the country’s northern region due to an out of control coronavirus outbreak and cited an AP article, called a lie by Vice President Pence’s spokeswoman Katie Miller, that the Trump administration overruled a recommendation by the CDC that the frail and elderly be told to not fly commercial aviation as evidence Trump wants to kill Americans with the virus to get reelected.

Miller said, “This story is complete fiction. It was never a recommendation to the Task Force. I look forward to Sunday morning hosts asking our medical professionals about it tomorrow.”

Hayes posted a multi-tweet rant:

“I’ve been trying very hard to use our platform to communicate the facts and science of where we are in this pandemic. We do not want to stoke panic, because, again the *individual* risk remains low. Wash your hand. Have some canned food. BUT”

“The news from Italy tonight clarifies just how enormous the systemic risk we’re facing is. And here’s the plain truth: Our federal government has failed and we are now, because of that failure, facing an enormous impending crisis. This is Katrina-level incompetence, if not worse.”

“Yesterday the President came out and admitted he is pressuring scientific and health experts to take steps that are worse for public health to artificially keep the numbers low. This is sociopathic governance.”

Via GatewayPundit

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