DNC Raises Standards To Cut Off Tulsi Gabbard From Debates…So Much For Diversity

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Here we go again! The DNC has increased the standards for the debates in order to disqualify Tulsi Gabbard:

Just what are they afraid of? Are they really so afraid of Tulsi Gabbard? The answer is yes, they are:

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Friday announced new qualifying standards for the upcoming Arizona debate that will leave only the top two contenders on stage.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) did not meet the single qualifying factor: earning at least 20 percent of the delegates awarded as of March 15.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Vice President Joe Biden are the only candidates who have qualified for the debate, which will be hosted by CNN and Univision on March 15 in Phoenix.

Also and more:

Gabbard has two of the 1,385 delegates awarded. Those delegates are from American Samoa, which former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg won on Super Tuesday before dropping out and endorsing Biden.

Six states are set to vote on Tuesday, including Michigan, the biggest electoral prize of the night. It is highly unlikely Gabbard will meet the 20 percent delegate threshold after Tuesday’s elections.

So weird. I hope Democrats vote for her JUST to stick it in the eye of the Dems and get her on the debate stage.


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