Journalists Outraged That No One Is Really Taking Their Coronavirus Mania As Serious As They’d Like

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A journalist expressed her shock that there were no checks whatsoever for coronavirus after she landed at JFK airport having returned from Italy.

Italy is the worst hit country in Europe, with 3,296 people infected with coronavirus and a total death toll of 148.

Despite other countries such as Hungary imposing mandatory health screenings at airports for all arrivals from Italy, no such measures are being taken at many U.S. airports.

“I just landed at JFK after reporting on #coronavirus in Milan and Lombardy —the epicenter of Italy’s outbreak— for @vicenews,” tweeted Julia Lindau. “I walked right through US customs. They didn’t ask me where in Italy I went or if I came into contact with sick people. They didn’t ask me anything.”

It’s a similar situation in Europe, where even as the coronavirus started to spread to numerous countries last month, EU officials insisted that no border controls would be imposed.

The virus has now spread throughout the entire continent.

As we highlighted earlier, a new study predicts that under the “best case scenario,” coronavirus will kill 15 million people worldwide and shave $2.4 trillion off the global GDP.

Via SummitNews

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