WATCH: MSNBC’s Tur Left in SHOCK After Latinos Say They Want Trump In 2020

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Katy Tur was in east LA, talking with Latino voters about voting today. This clip shows her, a canvasser, and a man at a store who said he was voting for Bernie:

Katy Tur asks about the man’s daughter, if he was leading the charge in her family for Bernie. The man responded that his daughter was voting for Trump. Tur asks why and the man responded ‘I don’t know…she love him’, and then says it’s about the economy.

It then cuts to the canvasser and Tur discussing the situation, when the canvasser says that at least 10 percent of Latinos are voting for Trump and describes them as being ‘stubborn’.

People I think are ragging on Katy Tur for asking why the man’s daughter is voting for Trump. But that’s dumb, for two reasons. The first is that it’s entirely appropriate to ask why someone is voting for a candidate. Secondly, she asked the man himself why he was voting for Bernie:

Tur in this case didn’t do anything wrong. What’s funny is that the man said he didn’t actually know why he was voting for Bernie Sanders. But he knew his daughter loved Donald Trump.

In regards to being called stubborn, here’s a Trump supporter responding to that:

Can’t argue with that!


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