Bloomberg Tries To Sweet Talk Black Voters In Church…LITERALLY Gets The Cold Shoulder!

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Liddle Mike Bloomberg got snubbed at a historically black church when he tried to speak, and it’s not a good look for his campaign.

Yikes. That is bad. It just looks bad. And notice the members didn’t have to do anything too radical, they just made a stand peacefully, which is their right. One might question if church is the proper place for this, BUT one can also argue that the church MADE it that place by having Bloomberg speak during his presidential campaign.

More from the Washington Times:

According to a report in the New York Daily News, several members of Brown Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church stood up and turned their back on Mr. Bloomberg as he was was speaking.

The Daily News said numerous images of the protests were posted to social media.

The Democratic presidential hopeful was speaking on the 55th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” when police attacked civil-rights marchers trying to cross a bridge.

Here’s more from social media:

Contrast the reaction when Biden came by:

And that makes even less sense, but whatever. It’s damaging to Bloomberg’s campaign, and I think he is probably gonna have to drop his presidential hopes soon…


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