WATCH: CNN DESPERATE To End Bernie Campaign — Finally Exposes His Love For Communist Dictators

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CNN did a ‘reality check’ segment on Bernie Sanders this morning, exposing his praise of both socialist dictators and their policies.


CNN’s John Avlon starts by showing Bernie praising Fidel Castro, in both old comments and newer comments he made last night.

He then moves on to show how Bernie praised Daniel Ortega as a ‘very impressive guy’, at a time when Reagan was supporting the anti-Communists and the Sandinistas were chanting their version of Iran’s infamous ‘death to America’ chant.

Avlon quickly highlights Bernie’s soviet honeymoon in 1988 and his praise for the USSR’s youth programs and public transportation programs, while also noting how Bernie never found time to meet with a Nobel Prize winning Russian dissident, who lived in Vermont where Sanders lived.

There’s a bit more in the clip so please watch it. But it seems to me that CNN, exposing Bernie like this, is indicative of how worried the Left has gotten that Bernie will win the nomination and then badly lose to Trump. Avlon even mentions how Bernie’s praise of Fidel Castro won’t play well for him in Florida during the general election. There’s your hint. The Left wants so badly to beat Trump that now they’re beginning to see their chances of beating Trump going up in smoke, as the left’s favorite socialist keeps winning. So they must fight Bernie. They must expose him and try keep him from winning.

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