WATCH: Just Moments Before Dem Debate, Pigeons Carry The Hope Of MAGA Across The Vegas Sky!

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2020 is shaping up to be an epic election year, full of absurdity that even Marianne Williamson couldn’t dream up. While the Democrat candidates gear up to yap onstage in Las Vegas on Wednesday evening, they should watch where they walk near the venue because some pranksters have unleashed a flock of pigeons wearing MAGA hats (and one in a blonde Trump wig) to perch around the Democrat debate and trigger (or poop on) attendees as a form of protest.

The group that is responsible calls itself Pigeons United To Interfere Now (PUTIN). According to sources, the group members washed some doves and then used eyelash glue to attach the accessories to their heads.

Animal rights groups are not as amused as the rest of us. But PUTIN actually rescues pigeons in distress. Coo Hand Luke, a group member, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the birds have been well cared for. 

A pigeon coop was built in an undisclosed location in Las Vegas where the birds were fed, bathed and cared for, as many of them were found covered in oil, the group said.

“We wash them with Dove (detergent) and get the grease off that usually accumulates from being underneath cars or near grease traps at restaurants while they’re looking for food,” the group said. “A lot of the time they are found with stringfoot, and we nurse them back to health. A lot of them are malnourished, and we feed them a variety of seeds.”

Stringfoot is a condition in which string becomes wrapped around a bird’s leg, causing the foot to lose circulation.

The hats and hairpiece were attached to the pigeons’ heads using eyelash glue, which is used daily by people, the group noted.

“It’s what women use to put around their eyes for eyelash extensions. The hats usually stay on for a day or two, depending on the bird’s movements,” Luke said. “We can also remove them ourselves as they fly back to the coop. They could be gone for a day, two days or a week, but they always come back.”

For sure, the pigeons should help alleviate the extreme boredom that comes with any Democrat debate. I would like to thank PUTIN for this momentary reprieve from the dour Democrats with this tremendous avian election interference gift.

Via PJMedia

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