They Thought They Got Him, But Ted Cruz Outwit And Then CRUSHED Leftists On Abortion ‘Trap’

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The other day Ted Cruz responded to an article about a bill by a leftist Alabama Democrat that called for all men to have a vasectomy once they become 50-years-old:

Apparently the comments came flooding in from leftists. Some claimed the bill was just a ruse to make a point about ‘reproductive rights’, a trap that Cruz fell into unawares:

Others congratulated Cruz on him finally becoming pro-choice and self-owning himself…or something:

Oh no, they laid a trap and Ted Cruz fell into it! He’s done for! How will he ever get out of it??? Like this:

Boom! Cruz is exactly right. The left refuses to admit that the unborn child isn’t more than just tissue, that it’s a precious, living human being with rights and that it MUST be protected from those who would so eagerly snuff its vulnerable life out. And until they do, we have to fight and defeat them in every election. Otherwise, these barbaric murders of the innocent will never end.


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