Liberal PC Nonsense, Abuse Allegations Force Boy Scouts To Declare Bankruptcy!

For fans of the Boy Scouts, the news felt like the final shoe dropping.

After years of seemingly constant surrenders to the organization’s politically correct critics, the Boy Scouts of America declared bankruptcy early Tuesday, according to Fox News.

The reason for the latest development was the Scouts’ need to maintain viability in the face of a mountain of sexual abuse accusations against the group that goes back decades.

But for many, it felt like the logical end for a once-lionized organization that has been under attack by liberals for years – not because of its alleged failure to protect the boys and young men who were in its ranks, but for its longstanding refusal to accept homosexuals who practiced their sexuality openly.

The Democrats booing Boy Scouts on the stage of the Democratic National Convention in 2000 over the ban on gay members was one of the more shameful in a long line of shameful behavior by the modern Democratic Party — and it was just a hint of what was coming in the next two decades.

The Scouts caved on that one in 2013, accepting openly gay members, though keeping a policy of prohibiting gay scoutmasters, as Fox News reported at the time.

That wasn’t enough to keep away the wailing critics from the left, so in 2015, it voted to accept openly gay scoutmasters, overturning a century of its own traditions in an attempt at appeasing the culture’s liberal overlords.

Still not enough. In January 2017, the Scouts voted to accept transgender youths, as The New York Times reported.

Later that year, the Boy Scouts voted again against tradition – and against all logic – to accept girls as members, essentially abandoning the one truly defining word in its identity. An official name change that dropped “Boys” took effect in 2019.

The constant caving to political correctness has cost the organization dearly. In 2018, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced it was breaking its ties to the Scouts – ending a deep relationship of more than a century’s standing.

All the while, the sexual abuse allegations were developing.

According to an ABC report from last year, one expert estimated there were more than 12,000 alleged victims of sexual abuse, and more than 7,000 alleged abusers related to the Scouts organization.

It’s unknown at this point how many of those abuse allegations are true, or what financial arrangements could be made that would both punish the Scouts and achieve some measure of recompense for victims.

But what is unmistakably clear is that if even one of those accusations is true, it’s devastating to the victim.

Human nature being what it is, it’s almost certain that many more than one of the accusations are true – and all of them are devastating to the individuals who were entrusted to the care of an organization literally founded to promote “ethical and moral choices” among the young.

What’s also unmistakably clear is that the vehemence of the left’s hatred for the Scouts wasn’t rooted in the accusations of sexual misconduct – or even predation. It wasn’t about any supposed immorality in the organization. If anything, it was the opposite.

It was the Scouts’ dedication to upholding the standards on which the organization was founded that infuriated the left.

And it was the Scouts’ step-by-step surrenders of recent years that have dismayed the millions of Americans who’ve never worn the uniform or learned to tie a knot.

The Scouts declaration of financial bankruptcy on Tuesday might have made the announcement legal to protect the organization’s physical assets.

But after years of appeasing the social-justice warriors, and fighting off allegations of sexual abuse and cover-ups, it seems like its moral assets have long since been depleted.

The other shoe just needed to drop.

Via WesternJournal

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