HUGE: Assault Weapon Ban FAILS In Virginia

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This is exactly what makes Democrats dangerous.

In year when gun control laws are making headway in the Democratic-run Virginia legislature, a state Senate panel on Monday tabled a proposed ban on so-called “assault weapons” — like the popular AR-15 rifle — that drew the most fire from Second Amendment advocates.

And the response of the bill’s sponsor to the legislative process at work?

Delegate Mark Levine, the demonstrably ignorant Democrat behind the proposal (HB 961), claims he fears “mass murder.”

So, as far as liberals like Levine are concerned, the only thing standing between residents of the Old Dominion and brutal, bloody death in a hail of bullets is an arguably unconstitutional action by state lawmakers to deprive American citizens of their right to keep and bear arms.

According to The Associated Press, Virginia lawmakers have advanced several gun control bills favored by Gov. Ralph Northam. But for radical Democrats, the legislative process in a representative democracy isn’t enough: To oppose liberal ideas is to advocate “mass murder.”

Fortunately, there are plenty of sane people around to push back:

Some critics pointed out that gun themselves aren’t the issue.

And this one states the case plainly:

“Thank you for the honest effort to flip the house and governorship red again,” the user wrote. “Democrats can’t be trusted with preserving our god-given rights.”

Democrats can’t be trusted to preserve God-given rights because the modern incarnation of the Democratic Party isn’t particularly interested in God-given rights. In fact, it’s a good bet that the majority of the Democratic base probably doesn’t even believe the concept exists.

To Democrats like Northam, not even the right to life exists outside the state’s omnipotent permission. (What other manner of man could talk calmly about letting a baby expire if the woman and her doctors agreed it was the best course of action?)

And to Democrats like Levine, the democratic process itself isn’t good enough.

If the representatives of the people vote, in the form of a Senate committee, to table a bill that’s manifestly aimed at a right specifically guaranteed in the United States Constitution, it’s not simply the legislative process at work.

It’s an invitation to “mass murder.”

The real irony here is that it’s Democrats who favor the real “mass murder” of the current age, in the form of legalized abortion.

That was a “right” invented by a hideously wrong Supreme Court, yet Democrats champion it.

Actual rights envisioned and enumerated by the Founding Fathers at the birth of the United States they feel free to discard.

To see the true danger of the modern Democratic Party — in all its arrogance and duplicity — Delegate Mark Levine’s Twitter post is a good place to start.

Via WesternJournal

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