Pelosi’s Childishness Drives Democrats To Call C-SPAN And Rage, ‘I Will Never Vote Democrat Again!’

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Angry Democrats called in to C-Span Tuesday evening vowing to “never vote Democrat again” after watching the lack of decorum from Pelosi and Dem lawmakers during Trump’s SOTU speech.

President Trump delivered his third State of the Union Address Tuesday night.

The President honored one of our oldest living Tuskegee airmen, mourned the families of Rocky Jones and Kayla Mueller and reunited a service member with his beautiful wife and children.

First Lady Melania awarded conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Bitter Democrats sat on their butts for record black unemployment, for record jobs numbers, for record wage gains and near the end of President Trump’s speech they even sat when President Trump thanked the “Hand of Almighty God” for blessing this great nation.

In an appalling lack of respect for the House, the country and the President, Speaker Pelosi ripped up President Trump’s SOTU speech.

Pelosi’s stunt cost her Democrat voters.

“I’ve been a Democrat for 77 years and what I’ve seen tonight of the Democrat party, I am changing my mind..” one caller said.

Another angry Democrat caller ripped Pelosi and the Dems and said her entire family of Dems, who voted for Hillary in 2016, will NEVER vote Dem again.

“I’m a Democrat as well, but no longer will I vote Democrat. I think it’s outrageous that they sat there when all these good things are happening to our country and how much we love our country and they look like they hated our country,” the caller said. “And Nancy Pelosi sitting up there the whole time with a disgusting look on her face. It’s outrageous and I will never vote Democrat again and I’m sick of it! And my whole family feels the same way…all former Democrats — we all voted for Hillary last time and therefore NEVER EVER will we ever vote Democrat again.”

“Our Democrat party has been stolen from us by a bunch of Communists,” the angry caller added.

Another woman from Washington called in and said, “I am literally disgusted with Pelosi and the Democrats’ behavior — the way she teared up the speech behind [Trump]. I was a registered Democrat, I’ve gone Independent and I’m leaning GOP now.”


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