CNN’s Harwood Claims Republicans Blocking Bolton Is Rooted In The ‘Old Confederacy’? What Is This Farce!?

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CNN is apparently out to make sure there is no doubt about how big of a farce their network has become. Hence their latest hire of John Harwood, who previously put together a storied career of absolute hackery and ridiculous takes over at CNBC.

But because everyone fails up in the mainstream media business if you have the “right” (see left-wing) politics, Harwood is now a “White House Correspondent” for CNN, once again posing as an unbiased journalist.

His first major action at his new network included this crazy tweet, which Nick Arama covered yesterday.

of 51 Republican senators who voted to block John Bolton’s testimony in Trump impeachment trial, 25 represent states of the Confederacy during the Civil War

the old Confederacy represents the bulwark of the 21st century GOP

— John Harwood (@JohnJHarwood) February 1, 2020

That tweet was eventually deleted because of the obvious error included in it. There were only 11 confederate states. So obviously there could not be 25 current Republican Senators from “confederate states.” Further, one of those states has a Democrat as a senator, further making Harwood’s numbers off.  These ridiculous smears are the kind of thing we’ve come to expect from him, though, as he’s most famous for his absolutely awful performance as a Republican debate moderator back in 2016.

But Harwood wasn’t done yet. He decided it’d be best to double down, because of course he did.

Once again, even on his second try, this ridiculous “journalist” can’t get his facts straight. Forgetting about how absolutely irrelevant it is that some Senators are from states that were once in the Confederacy, the numbers themselves are still wrong.

Harwood also deploys this garbage slander knowing full well that multiple members of those 19 senators are minorities themselves. I guess that’s his way of perpetuating the “uncle Tom” smear? Whatever it is, it’s a testament to just how much of a dumpster fire CNN has become.

And you know what CNN will do to Harwood for this laughable showing? Absolutely nothing. They have no standards and I’m pretty confident in saying that RedState, despite being a partisan political site, has more care for the truth than CNN. It’s one thing to make a mistake. It’s another to double down on idiocy like this.

Trump continues to break these people.

Via RedState

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