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VA Democrat Proves He Can’t Tell A Rock From A Gun…Still Wants Them Banned!

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Gun-grabbing Democrats make a big show out of the evils of so-called “assault weapons,” but not a single one has been able to provide a working definition yet.

One lawmaker recently gave it a shot, and his performance only proved that he doesn’t have a clue when it comes to firearms.

Virginia Democratic Del. Mark Levine tried to define the nebulous term during a Jan. 25 town hall. The commonwealth has become a flashpoint for Second Amendment rights after gun-grabbing Democrats swept the last elections.

A seemingly simple challenge from the audience kickstarted the lawmaker’s shockingly wrong answer: “Please define ‘assault weapon.’”

While Levine’s full answer took over five minutes, it only seemed to act as cover for his lack of understanding about the very basics of firearms.

When the delegate finally got around to the meat and potatoes of the question, it became clear that he was completely lost.

“The goal in my legislation is to distinguish hunting weapons, weapons used for self-defense, and weapons used for sport shooting from weapons that are the preferred weapons for mass shooters,” Levine said.

“So what the bill does, is it distinguishes basically the difference between guns that go like this,” Levine continued as he stretched into an Elmer Fudd-like firing stance, “these are rifles, you use them to shoot an animal, and you can shoot very precisely.”

“Mass shooters use guns that go like this,” Levine later said, appearing to mimic holding a rifle with a forward pistol grip.

“Pistol grips, things like that, and guns that go like this,” Levine continued as he mock-sprayed the crowd with bullets, “are wildly inaccurate, that’s why hunters don’t like them.”

The crowd began to chuckle as Levine continued to link these types of weapons with military action and wartime destruction.

Watch the highlights from Levine’s presentation below.

Levine is the driving force behind Virginia House Bill 961, a potential law that places a prohibition on “assault firearms, certain firearm magazines, silencers, and trigger activators.”

“Any person who legally owns an assault firearm, large-capacity firearm magazine, silencer, or trigger activator on July 1, 2020, may retain possession until January 1, 2021,” the bill states.

Once the 2021 deadline passes, the offending firearms and magazines are expected to be surrendered to law enforcement, destroyed, or removed from Virginia.

While Virginians stood up for their firearms rights at a major Richmond rally earlier in January, it appears gun-grabbing politicians weren’t paying attention. Unconstitutional and uninformed legislation like HB 961 now appears to be the new normal for the commonwealth.

Via WesternJournal

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