WATCH: Harvard Law Expert CRUSHES Bolton, Shows How His Book Is 100% Useless For Democrats!

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Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz, a self-described liberal Democrat, told the U.S. Senate on Monday that even if the allegations in former national security adviser John Bolton’s book were true, it would not matter because his allegations do not constitute an impeachable offense.

“The claim that foreign policy decisions can be deemed abuses of power based on subjective opinions about mixed or sole motives, that the president was interested only in helping himself, demonstrate the dangers of employing the vague subjective and politically malleable phrase ‘abuse of power’ as a constitutionally permissible criteria for the removal of a president,” Dershowitz explained. “Now it follows it follows from this that if a president — any president — were to have done what The Times reported about the content of the Bolton manuscript, that would not constitute an impeachable offense.” – READ MORE

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