BREAKING: Adam Schiff Has Been Hiding EXCULPATORY Evidence, Trump’s Lawyers Demand He Hand It Over!

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According to President Donald Trump’s legal team, Democrats are concealing the testimony of a major witness the House questioned during its investigation into the Ukraine matter.

Alex Swoyer and S.A. Miller at the Washington Times reported that House Democrats are refusing to disclose the testimony of Michael Atkinson, the intelligence agency inspector general with firsthand knowledge of the origins of the whistleblower complaint that resulted in Trump’s impeachment.

At least one Republican who was present during Atkinson’s testimony says the reason why Democrats are not sharing the information is because it does not advance House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s impeachment case against the president.

“The reason it hasn’t been released is it’s not helpful to Adam Schiff. It is not helpful to the whistleblower,” Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) said. “It raises credibility issues about both of them.”

The Times also noted that the evidence may be “potentially exculpatory” for the president. However, members of the House Intelligence Committee who conducted the interview are not allowed to disclose the details of the discussion, as it could reveal potentially sensitive intelligence information. – read more

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