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Bernie Sanders Has NO IDEA How Much His Socialist Utopia Will Cost Americans…But You Can Trust Him, Right?

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In this great video clip, Norah O’Donnell is visibly stunned by the fact that Bernie Sanders has zero clue how much his socialist pipe dreams are gonna cost the American people.

I’m glad she had that reaction because it is appropriate. Of course, for those of us who watch politics closely we know that this absolutely normal for Democrats who demand insane socialist policies and have zero idea what those policies will cost, despite that literally being their damn job.

He doesn’t know what it will cost the economy, he doesn’t know how many jobs it will cost, he doesn’t give a damn about how much misery it’ll cost. Because socialism isn’t driven by reason, it’s driven by irrational emotional and wishful thinking. And he proves it here.

Here’s the full video of the interview:

It looks like there’s an outside chance he really could be the Democrats’ nominee. Hold on to your wallets, people…


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