White Mike Pence Speaks Gospel Truth At Black Church And The Liberal Media Can’t Handle It

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NBC News is attacking Vice President Mike Pence for attending a black church on Sunday where the sermon was ‘homophobic’:

Vice President Mike Pence spoke at a church service Sunday in which religious leaders said, among other things, that homosexuality is caused by “the devil.”

The White House streamed the service live, and it’s still available on the official White House YouTube page.

Minutes after Pence promised congregants at the Holy City Church of God in Christ in Memphis, Tennessee, that he would “stand strong for the values that you hold dear,” Bishop Jerry Wayne Taylor launched into a diatribe about the “demonic” nature of homosexuality.

“We have to encourage young men and women to get married,” Taylor said from the pulpit. “It’s a demonic spirit that causes a woman to want to lie with another woman. It’s a demonic spirit that causes a man to be attracted to another man.”

Later, Taylor called homosexuality “unnatural,” justifying his characterization by falsely claiming that same-sex attraction is unique to humans.

“You never see two male animals coming together,” he said. “We’ve got to expose what the devil is doing.”

I just want to stop here and point out that Pence attended this church in Memphis because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and that’s what his remarks were about from start to finish. But that doesn’t get one mention in this article by NBC News. Not one.

When Pence said he would “stand strong for the values that you hold dear,” that was in the context of his remarks about Martin Luther King Jr. But NBC News connects those remarks to the anti-homosexual values of the pastor, which is incredibly dishonest.

The article continues…

Taylor also railed against transgender people.

“He made a man to be a man,” Taylor said. “If you want to know what God made you, when you go to the bathroom, just check your plumbing.”

Earlier in the service, Bishop Vincent Matthews Jr. dubbed Pence “one of the most persecuted Christians in America” and praised his faith.

“The biggest criticism he gets on television and everywhere else is that he believes in the Bible,” he said.

I gotta be honest. I agree with much of what Bishop Jerry Wayne Taylor says here, at least in principle. I don’t know how ‘demonic’ homosexuality is on an individual basis, but homosexuality is something that comes from the devil. And we know how God responded to it in the book of Genesis. It is a sin and something He detests, which is why S. Paul included it in his list (in 1 Corinthians 6:9) of the “unrighteous” who “will not inherit the kingdom of God”.

I understand that the politically correct leftist media won’t like this, but you’d think they could at least acknowledge the reason why Pence attended this church in the first place. But they don’t.

Here’s Pence’s speech if you want to listen to it. I’ve got it cued up at the beginning of his speech:


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