Washington Liberals Push Bill That Would FORCE Children To Take LGBT Sex Classes Starting in KINDERGARTEN

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If you live in a state controlled by Left-wing politicians, now may be a good time to consider a move.

Democrat lawmakers in Washington state are pushing a bill that requires children as young as 5 to attend LGBT sex education classes at school.

Concerned parents in Washington state have told their government that they do not want their kindergarten-aged children to participate in “comprehensive sexual health education” but the state’s Democrats believe they know better, KTTH reported Monday.

The legislation, House Bill 2184, is designed to address issues like affirmative consent, but also includes lessons that address the “LGBTQ+ students” and teaches children about gay sex.

WesternJournal report: This is even after a survey conducted by the state’s Comprehensive Sexual Health Education work group showed that a 54-percent majority do not want sex education taught to children from kindergarten through fifth grade.

But the CSHE ignored the survey because mandatory sexual education is “an issue of equity and would help to ensure all students across the state receive quality, evidence-informed instruction, regardless of who they are or where they live.”

The government bureaucrats running the survey know better than the parents because, they say, according to KTTH, that the “social emotional needs of our youngest students must be addressed for prevention of future challenges.”

The group that made this decision was comprised of 16 people, all of them women — something that Republican State Rep. Michelle Caldier was not a fan of.

“I think that sometimes, you know in politics and when we’re making decisions that it’s very easy to surround ourselves with people who just agree with us and I think that if the work group just had conversations and no disagreement, that really concerns me because I know there’s a lot of disagreement for that,” she said.

“And I would encourage you guys to go back and really listen to the people who disagree and come back with something better.”

A representative from the office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction did acknowledge that the group was all-female but said “we were exposed to a wide variety of viewpoints around the state.”

Did they? Because 54 percent of survey respondents said they didn’t support the proposal, yet the CSHE is still recommending it.

The curriculum the group wants to expose students to includes things like telling them that the term “boner” is incorrect because the penis does not have any bones.

And girls would be taught about a “very sensitive little area at the top called the clitoris.”

Why would kids — grade-school-aged kids — need to know this? What possible purpose could it serve?

The curriculum also focuses on talking about affirmative consent, but takes it to an extreme of making sound like the two parties need some type of verbal contract before engaging in sex.

It is fair to say that for the majority of us we are familiar with a whole lot of implied consent. You know, like no one stopping or asking anyone to stop. We call it common sense.

The nonpartisan Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has said that affirmative-consent policies “threaten fundamental fairness by enforcing standards against accused students that are often vague and/or overbroad, and may lack the details necessary for students to comply. Indeed, many such policies are, for all practical purposes, impossible to follow.”

The proposed curriculum also enforces the “progressive” idea that gender and sex are not the same thing.

And the program would start in kindergarten.

“This lesson does, however, acknowledge that ‘there are some body parts that mostly just girls have and some parts that mostly just boys have. Being a boy or a girl doesn’t have to mean you have those parts, but for most people this is how their bodies are,” the curriculum reads.

Allow me to help you with this one, oh mighty party of science: Yes, having those parts does determine if you are a male or a female.

First-grade students are encouraged to read a children’s book called “My Princess Boy” about gender expression, and when students get to sixth grade, the indoctrination becomes even more intense.

“You may notice language throughout the curriculum that seems less familiar – using the pronoun ‘they’ instead of ‘her’ or ‘him,’ using gender neutral names in scenarios and role-plays and referring to ‘someone with a vulva’ vs. a girl or woman. This is intended to make the curriculum inclusive of all genders and gender identities,” the curriculum continues.

We are either in the Twilight Zone or the Book of Revelation.

How dare the state educate kids on subjects the majority of parents have said they do not want them to?

More and more public schools have become social-justice indoctrination camps. It could be the reason homeschooling is growing as parents decide they do not want their kids brainwashed.

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