Man Breaks Into Puerto Rico Warehouse…Discovers ‘Mountains’ Of Supplies Officials SWORE Trump Never Sent!

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If you’d forgotten about the utter incompetence of Puerto Rican officialdom in the face of disaster, an intrepid man with a Facebook Live stream has reminded the world of it.

Now, Puerto Ricans have taken to the streets to demand the resignation of their governor.

The scandal spans two separate disasters that overwhelmed the government in San Juan.

The first was Hurricane Maria back in 2017, a storm which resulted in catastrophic damage to the island and a back-and-forth between Puerto Rican officials and the Trump administration.

At the time, many criticized Puerto Rico for its slow response, particularly when it came to the distribution of emergency relief supplies.

The second disaster involved a series of earthquakes that have hit the island in the past several weeks, with many Puerto Ricans sleeping outside for fear their houses will collapse.

Again, residents say their government officials have let them down.

It wasn’t until “El León Fiscalizador” went live Saturday on Facebook that they knew how deeply they’d been let down, however.

“El León Fiscalizador” — “the lion of accountability” — is the nom de social media of Lorenzo Delgado Torres, according to The New York Times.

In the video, Torres is seen entering a warehouse in Ponce on the southern side of the island. Inside the warehouse are pallets of bottled water, diapers, portable stoves, baby formula and other necessities, all undistributed and all from Hurricane Maria over 2 years ago.

“Share what you’re about to see,” Torres said in the video.

Plenty of people did.

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