Nancy Pelosi Hands Out Souvenir Pens ‘Celebrating’ Trump Impeachment, Even CNN Was Taken Aback!

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Nancy Pelosi actually handed out pens at her signing ceremony of the House impeachment articles today, revealing just how partisan and joyful House Democrats are over this phony impeachment of Trump:

I found a better video of Pelosi handing out pens…

Here’s a closeup of the pens, which have Pelosi’s signature on them:

CNN’s panel was taken aback by it, noting that Pelosi had just said this was a somber occasion and yet she’s handing out pens and getting photos taken with them as though it were a celebration:

This was a misstep by Pelosi, who went out of her way to keep House Democrats from cheering when they voted on the impeachment articles last month. But the American people aren’t stupid. We know this isn’t really a somber moment for them. They love this and are cheering loudly when the cameras aren’t on because they think they are ruining Trump for re-election.


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