If You Live In Virginia And Own A ‘High Capacity’ Magazine, You May Soon Be A Felon!

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A bill put forward by Delegate Mark Levine (D) would make it a felony for law-abiding citizens to possess a magazine holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Moreover, Levine’s legislation, HB 961, even makes it a felony to possess 10-round magazines, if such magazines have a “removable plate” on the bottom that would allow capacity expansion.

Levine’s bill provides four options for Virginians who currently possess magazines that hold more than 10 rounds: 1. They can render the magazine “inoperable.” 2. They can “remove” the magazine from Virginia. 3. They can “transfer” the magazine to a person who meets the legal criteria to own one in another state. 4. Surrender the magazine to the state. – READ MORE


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