Why Do Golden Globe Ratings Suck? Because Actresses Thank Abortion For Their Career Success!

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In one of the more brazenly stupid and morally repugnant moments from the Golden Globes last night, some actress I’ve never heard of says that she could not have won the empty accolades from her soulless friends unless she had killed her unborn baby.

What is insane is, I mean, apart from the obvious, is the bizarre wording she uses about abortion being the only way she could have a child “at the time” and “with the person” that she wishes. Uhhh, except you don’t need to kill any babies to do that, you just need to make the decision not to have unprotected sex with strangers you don’t care about. But that discipline is impossible, and apparently inhuman, so instead they’ll slaughter unborn children by the millions.

And the vapid demons will applaud loudly for it.


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