Once Again Biden Draws A Dismal Crowd, Town Hall Gets Derailed By Informed Protester!

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Joe Biden may be the national frontrunner, but it doesn’t seem as though he’s inspired excitement amongst Iowans, at least according to the photo below of a town hall meeting in Ottumwa, IA, from Des Moines Register reporter Stephen Gruber-Miller:

The American Mirror estimates from the photo that only 98 people turned out for the town hall event featuring the former vice president.

The Des Moines Register published dozens of photos from the event but, all are tightly composed, making assessing the attendance impossible. The photo published on Twitter was taken from the media section in back, and clearly shows the entirety of the room’s occupants.

That’s not to say the event wasn’t eventful.

Washington Post reporter Cleve R. Wootson, Jr. posted video of a protester wearing a “Death by Medicine” shirt who interrupted Biden’s town hall and succeeded in taking the microphone from Biden, who apparently let him speak.

President Trump had a rally in Iowa last year, here’s video of the people who showed up:

Just sayin’.

Via PJMedia

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