Christianity Today’s Editor-In-Chief Calls For Trump’s Removal…Finds Himself Without A Job!

It looks like the plan was for Christianity Today’s editor to take on Donald Trump and then slide out the back door when the you know what hit the proverbial fan.

Or for editor-in-chief Mark Galli to burn down the city on his way out of the gates.

A very biblical ending.

After 30 years at Christianity Today — culminating in picking a fight with the President of the United States and angering Evangelicals in the process — the editor is now leaving the publication.

Chrstianity Today officials confirmed Galli will not be employed by publication after the holidays.

That’s a little more than a week away.

Friends of Galli said he is writing a book. Galli has come under fire for calling for Trump’s removal from office and then going on the television news circuit to trumpet his disdain for Trump.

What a surprise. Just in time for a book tour.

Galli planned to leave the magazine, officials said.

Via TruePundit

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