TED CRUZ: Articles Of Impeachment An “Admission Of Failure” On Democrats Part

In an interview on Fox Business this morning, Ted Cruz explained that Democrats have seen their impeachment case collapse and the two articles of impeachment they’ve written up are actually an “admission of failure”.


Cruz point outs that just a few weeks ago ‘bribery’ was being parroted by Democrats in hearings over and over after they polled ‘quid pro quo’ and found it didn’t poll well.

But then after the hearings, as Cruz points out, they realized they didn’t have any evidence to prove bribery. Cruz says their position now is that “they can impeach the president without him having committed any crime, or without the president having broken any law whatsoever.”
All of this despite the constitution setting the standard for impeachment as “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”

Below is the full Ted Cruz interview for you to watch where he lays out what he expects will happen in the Senate, should the House pass their articles of impeachment:


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