WATCH: Mall Santas Make The Naughty List After Brawling IN FRONT OF CHILDREN!

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Is it possible for Santa himself to be on the naughty list?

An unsettling recent video shows two mall Santas fighting in what appears to be the middle of a food court.

“This is my territory,” one of the Santas said prior to the fight, according to The Sun, a British news outlet.

The less-than-jolly altercation occurred in a mall in Blagoveshchensk, Russia, which is located near the Chinese border, the newspaper reported.

The men wrestled each other while they were on the ground, apparently not caring who watched.

One of the Santas put the other into a headlock:

It is unclear what exactly sparked the brawl.

But the dispute was so intense that one of the onlookers compared it mafia fight.

“It looked like a mafia-style territorial dispute,” one onlooker said, according to The Sun.

Children reportedly watched with tears in their eyes as the two men in red suits rolled around on the ground.

“Mum, are they drunk?” one girl was reported to have asked her mother.

Eventually, a women intervened and broke up the fight, sparring the children from any more of the distressing scene.

Once they were separated, the two men tried to play it off as playful wrestling to console the children, the mother who posted the video said, according to The Sun.

“They said it was ‘a joke’, but children were looking at it,” she said.

It was unclear whether or not the mall had fired the Santas.

Via WesternJournal

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