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As Democrats Spread Hate And Lies Trump Seeks The Lord, Gathers Prayer Warriors

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In the midst of a difficult impeachment fight, President Donald Trump asked 50 Christian leaders to come into the Oval Office and pray for him last week.

According to The Christian Post, the group included worship leaders and Christian music artists — most notably Brian Houston, founder of Hillsong Church.

Fox News reported that the event was organized by Paula White-Cain, the president’s spiritual adviser. She’s also the leader of the White House’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative.

“Here I am at the White House. Never say never,” Houston said in an Instagram video from outside the White House.


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WHITEHOUSE! #neversaynever ????

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“It is a great honor to go into the Cabinet Room and even into the Oval Office to pray for the president of the United States of America.”

In a separate Twitter video posted to the White House’s Twitter account, Houston said the visit was not only praying for a strong America but one that would “help freedom of religion.”

“As an Australian, I really believe that we need a strong America in the world,” Houston said.

“With America strong, the world is a better place. What a great opportunity it’s been to see some of the initiatives that are happening to help freedom of religion and to just see, generally, the great spirit in the White House with people who are optimistic about the future.”

“All 50 of us crammed into the Oval Office. He sat at his desk and he said, ‘pray for me,’” Sean Feucht, a worship leader with the influential worship group Bethel Music, told Fox News.

When was the last time you heard of a president wanting prayer that much?


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