The Trump / Ukraine ‘Scandal’ Is a Complete Fraud, And Here’s The Proof

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Imagine for a moment that your every conversation, in fact your every word is monitored by nefarious characters who are very much committed to causing you harm.

Just think of it, your every phone call is made available and subjected to intense scrutiny by shady individuals who are breathlessly hoping that you utter the wrong word, or use the improper inflection in your voice, or do something, ANYTHING worthy of reporting to their maste… err, supervisors.

Remember, everything you say – regardless of whether you are mad, sad or glad is going to be dissected by people who despise you. Think quick, how many bad things do you think those responsible for monitoring YOU could find in oh, lets say three and a half years?

But are ALL of the President’s phone calls monitored?? Apparently yes, all official phone calls are monitored and transcripts are prepared. According to the BBC (of all places) a criteria exists for monitoring presidential phone calls, this procedure is outlined in an article by ( entitled “Who listens in on a President’s phone call. McKelvey provides a very interesting and information overview of the process

“Traditionally, officials from the US national security council (NSC) brief the president before a call with a foreign leader. Then the briefers sit in the Oval Office with the president while he speaks on the phone with the foreign leader. “At least two members of the NSC are usually present,” according to USA Today.

There will also be officials sitting in a secure room in another part of the White House, listening to the president’s call and taking notes. Their notes are known as a “memorandum of telephone conversation”, and like many things in Washington it has an abbreviation: “memcon”.

The president’s calls with foreign leaders are also transcribed by computers. Afterwards, as former White House officials explain, the human note takers compare their impressions with an electronic version of the call. The notes from the officials and from the computerized transcriptions are combined into one document. This transcript may not be perfect, but it is done as carefully as time and resources allow.

Given the fact that EVERY official phone call of the President is monitored and transcribed as outlined above, it speak pretty damned well of President Trump that this Ukrainian nothing burger is apparently the worst call that he has made in over three years!

Well that is except for all of the phone calls and emails he made on his Blackberry during hi…. oh wait, that was a different President.

One can’t help but wonder how the phone calls of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and the likes of Maxine Water’s would stand up to such scrutiny (let alone President’s like Barack Obama). Adam Schiff in particular seems to have so much trouble with basic honestly that saying the the sky is blue and water is wet are a challenge for him. His phone calls are sure to be as dishonest, disgusting and disturbing as the man himself (and THAT my friends is saying something).

Keep in mind, President Trump has been under almost constant investigation since even before raising his right hand to take the oath of office. The results of all this highly expensive political theater has been to generate thousands upon thousands of pages of reports that all basically amount to NOTHING.

Does anyone believe that the President himself is unaware of the process for monitoring these phone calls? Is he (Trump) somehow unaware of those actually in the room with him when he is making official calls? Is he totally unaware of those individuals in the secure room listening? Of course NOT.

Sadly it would appear that those charged with the duty of monitoring Presidential communications have chosen rather to inject themselves into the political process in an attempt to be among those who pick winners and losers. Apparently unsatisfied with simply doing their jobs these deep state operatives have chosen to leak sensitive information to the media and to the staffs of certain dishonest members of congress.

Remember the plethora of leaks that plagued this administration in it’s infancy (and to a lesser extent continue to plague it today)? Remember how the majority of the MSM laughed heartily at Trump’s claims that he had been wiretapped and eavesdropped upon? Once again Trump is being shown to be right while the media and a corrupt congress work feverishly to remove a duly elected President from office.

Those members of Congress seeking to impeach the President want you to believe that President Trump thought he was somehow sneaking one by the every present monitors. They want you to believe that the President has as little self awareness as those trying to impeach him. Nothing could be farther from the truth.


Written by Patrick M. Arnold

Retired from the United States Army where he proudly served the country he loves. Still carrying on the fight against All of America’s enemies. Disgusted with the state of politics in our country and committed to changing us back to something recognizable as America. Find him on Twitter as @PatrickArnold77

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