Trump Tears Into Nadler After Phony Articles Of Impeachment Announced

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Trump has responded to the phony articles of impeachment unveiled by Democrats this morning. Here’s what he had to say:

They all know it’s not true. It’s been well established by the testimonies in this unfair Schiff show impeachment hearing process that Trump hates giving out foreign aid, especially to corrupt countries. And on top of that Ukraine, being one of the top four most corrupt countries, worked against him in the 2016 elections and that has bothered Trump for a long time.

In other words, as Ken Starr said yesterday on Fox News, the evidence at best is very murky. Democrats have not proven that Trump did anything wrong here and yet they are proceeding with impeachment because they hate Trump and must defeat him at all costs. Hopefully it will be a huge cost to them for even going down this road.

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