UH OH! Pelosi Did More Than FLIP-OUT, She Tacitly Admitted Two Things She’ll Soon Regret!

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Pelosi held a press conference just before lunch today and Mark Meadows caught a few tacit admissions from Pelosi that she might want back:

He’s right. When asked about the speed of impeachment, Pelosi starts talking about how the Mueller investigation has been ongoing for two and a half years. Her point was that she hasn’t been moving quickly at all, but this impeachment isn’t supposed to be about the Mueller investigation. This impeachment was initiated because of Trump’s phone call with Zelensky on July 25, where Trump asked Zelensky to look into the Biden Ukraine issue.

In essence, Pelosi is admitting that they’ve been trying to impeach Trump since he became president. And they only moved on impeachment because they polling changed in September when this story broke. Like Meadows said, this is all politics.

In a different clip, Pelosi actually argued that this impeachment is really all about Russia, claiming Trump withheld the aid from Ukraine in order to help Russia:

Pelosi sounds like an Alex Jones conspiracy theorist up there. Notice that she points out that many are dismissive of impeachment because they don’t know much about Ukraine. So she tries to change the focus to Russia and make this all about Russia, suggesting once again that Trump is a Putin stooge when that’s clearly not the case.

This is how desperate Democrats are because they have NOTHING. And because they have nothing, they are down to using poll-tested phrases to try and get voters to back impeachment. It’s pathetic.


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