WHAT A PIG: George Conway PUBLICLY Shames His Wife!

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I don’t think anyone was under the opinion that the marriage between Kellyanne and George Conway was going swimmingly.

Change Kellyanne’s name to Martha and give George a prop gun which fires an umbrella and you have a high-powered reboot of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” This was not a sunny marriage.

There was the conspiracy theory that this was all an act and that George and Kellyanne were actually the authors of the anonymous Op-Ed in The New York Times and the subsequent book about being the “resistance” inside the Trump administration.

To this, George Conway only replied only replied, “I wish.” I’m not sure whether he’s talking about the insider information or the ability to work “lodestar” into iffy-ish prose, but there you have it.

Say what you will, about George — and I do, considering he’s essentially a leech who’s turned the novelty of a husband publicly attacking her wife’s boss when that boss is the president into a second career on social media — but he hadn’t publicly rebuked Kellyanne in his Twitter fulminations yet.

On Monday, that changed.

As you may have heard, strange video of Joe Biden talking about his lifeguarding days emerged over the weekend. The video involved him talking about the halcyon days of kids playing with his leg hairs and reminiscing about kids jumping on his lap.

Obviously, everyone knew he didn’t mean anything prurient, but it certainly sounded that way and provided yet another unintentionally weird soundbite from a man who wants to be president.

Kellyanne Conway, tweeting about the video, wondered on Twitter who thought the White House “need[s] Ukraine help to beat this guy?”

Enter George Conway:

“Your boss apparently thought so,” he wrote on Monday.

If you’re going to break your embargo on directly criticizing your wife, that’s what you’re going to do it over? With that attempt at a bon mot? OK, dude.

Anyhow, this managed to get plenty of internet blowback:

According to Business Insider, it was the first time George Conway had publicly rebuked his wife in such a manner.

The tweet comes as the marriage is apparently getting worse (somehow) over the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

An article in Vanity Fair last month quoted sources close to George Conway saying he thought Kellyanne was “in a cult” and that the marriage could still work if she were, one assumes, deprogrammed.

As for Kellyanne, she previously told the Washington Examiner, “He gets his power through me, if you haven’t noticed. Not the other way around.”

And that’s the thing.

George Conway would be, by any other measure, an incredibly successful man. His wife is more successful than him, at least for the moment. He disagrees with her boss.

What he’s done is made a second career off of tweeting about the awfulness of the Trump administration. This, for those of you who stay away from the platform, is basically what half of Twitter is about.

The reason he’s important, however, is because Donald Trump is his wife’s boss.

No matter what he thinks of Kellyanne’s superior or his political decisions, this is a toxic way of life on George Conway’s part.

If he wants to leave, leave. If he wants to stay and show her some respect, go for that too.

When it comes to cult-like behavior, however, I can’t help but thinking that publicly denouncing your own family members and then reveling in the attention that it brings from an army of acolytes seems to fit the bill nicely.

Via WesternJournal

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1 year ago

What Kelly Anne Conway saw in that revolting, obese swine is beyond me.