Hundreds Of Children RAPED In UK By Muslim Gangs Yet Police Still REFUSE To Make Arrests Due To Fears Of Being Called ‘Racist’

The British town of Rotherham was rocked by rampant child abuse and rape — seemingly ignored and abetted by the police — over 2 years and parents are still waiting for justice.

1,400 children, some as young as eleven years old, were sexually abused, raped, beaten, threatened with death over a number of years by gangs and groups of Muslim men.

Police, in particular, were reluctant to take the reports from children and adults seriously for fear of rocking the boat with local community relations because perpetrators happened to be from a Pakistani community.

These children and their families did report the horrors to the police and the authorities, but nothing was done. Politicians, social workers, police officers, did nothing because they were frightened of being accused of racism or Islamophobia.

There is a particular set of attitudes in a particular community that regards girls from the white community as effectively fair game.


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