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Delusional Democrats Believe It Will Be Easier To Run Against Trump If He REMAINS In Office, Guess Who They Fear Worse Than Trump?!

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Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) warned his party during a CNN interview on Monday that trying to remove President Donald Trump from office is bad politics because of who he believes Republicans will select to run in 2020 if Trump is impeached.

“I do think that it’s the right thing to do to remove him from office. I believe he is an imminent danger to this country and to our democracy, but I was saying that the political consequences may not be very good for the Democrats,” Yarmuth said. “I will guarantee you the Republican Party would not nominate Mike Pence to succeed him. They would nominate someone like Nikki Haley who would be much more difficult for Democrats to defeat.”

“I just think it could be bad politics,” Yarmuth continued.

Yarmuth made the comments when he was asked by CNN about an interview he gave to The Hill in early November where he said that he did not think that it was a good idea to remove Trump from office.

“As much as I believe that President Trump should be removed from office and represents an imminent threat to our Democracy and our national security and many other things, politically — it’s probably not a good thing to get rid of him,” Yarmuth told The Hill. “I don’t think the Republican would nominate Mike Pence. I think they would nominate somebody like Nikki Haley. Somebody who would be very, very tough for a Democrat to beat.” – READ MORE

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