If THIS Isn’t A Sin, Then Color Me Pink – Pelosi Spends YOUR MONEY To Fly Democrats To Spain And Spit In Trump’s Face

She’s nothing if not shameless.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows her party controls only one of two houses of Congress.

She knows that President Donald Trump is almost certain to be in the White House through the rest of his term, and probably a second, despite her party’s best efforts to impeach him.

She must know that millions of her own countrymen aren’t even sold on the idea that the world is facing an existential threat from the internal combustion engine or farting cows.

But none of that stopped the California Democrat from using taxpayer money to fly herself and 14 Democrats from the House and Senate all the way to Madrid, Spain, this week.

They’ll be attending the COP25 conference on implementing the Paris agreement on climate change — the same Paris agreement that Trump pulled out of on Nov. 4, at the first opportunity he had. The withdrawal will take effect Nov. 4, 2020, one year after the withdrawal, and one day after the next presidential election.

“By coming here we want to say to everyone, we’re still in,” Pelosi said at a news conference in the Spanish capital, according to Politico. “The United States is still in.”

By that, of course, she means Democrats are still in.

If, God forbid, they recapture the White House in 2020 and set the country back on the course of self-destruction charted by the Obama administration and cheered by liberals in newsrooms and faculty lounges, they could well reverse the tide of American economic growth, prosperity and low unemployment that was ushered in by the election of Donald Trump.

The Washington Post’s Dino Grandoni wrote that the “trip is the latest sign that Democrats are preparing for the day Trump is no longer president — when the United States may once again start pushing other nations to cut their climate-warming emissions.”

Still, it’s a message that could easily have been sent with an email, a text or even Skype if an actual conference was in order. If a human delegation to Madrid was an absolute necessity, surely one or two competent Democrats could probably have handled things.

But that was clearly not enough for Pelosi, whose Democratic entourage, according to Breitbart, numbered 13 of the speaker’s fellow House members along with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, all going to Spain to gas about global warming.

Of course, the lawmakers were traveling on the taxpayers’ dime, Breitbart reported, because their presence in Madrid was absolutely vital to the well-being of the American electorate.

At least Democrats like Pelosi can try to convince themselves of that.

More honest Americans — particularly those with an eye for the irony of using carbon-emissions-producing aircraft to attend a climate change conference — might disagree.

That last tweet asks the money question. Of course, the junket wasn’t necessary.

The U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement negotiated by Trump has a better chance of being passed by Pelosi’s House Democrats than Trump is likely to ever agree to any requirements mandated by the climate change fascists at the United Nations.

But that doesn’t deter Democrats like Pelosi from wasting legislative time and American taxpayer dollars on pointless travel — just as the fact that the chance the Republican Senate will ever convict and remove from office a Republican president who resembles Ronald Reagan in his ability to rejuvenate the country’s economy hasn’t deterred Pelosi from squandering legislative time and American taxpayers dollars on an “impeachment inquiry” that’s turned what should be a solemn, last-resort constitutional process into a cheap, partisan political stunt.

She’s nothing if not shameless.

And Nancy Pelosi just proved it again.

Via WesternJournal

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